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In 1992, an HVAC business called M. Kluck and Associates was incorporated. The company mission was to design, sell and install heat, ventilation and air conditioning systems in small to mid-size commercial buildings in the Chicago area. Equipment start up with test and balance was provided to clients and new customers.

As the construction business developed, service was available to help customers keep their equipment operating efficiently. Attention and start up services were provided establishing a continuing relationship with customers. When the construction environment changed, construction was downsized with a renewed focus on tenant improvement and service capabilities. Today a smaller, efficient but experienced Prairie Service Group, Inc. continues relationships with longtime customers. We provide excellent service to building owners, developers and managers.

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Replacing outdated equipment? Redesigning space? Do you need tenant improvement or working toward commercial development? Stay abreast of building trends and consider the best and most efficient split systems, packaged systems and rooftop units. No detail is too small with every effort given your space has the best indoor air quality.

We will work with you to build energy efficient solutions when replacing outdated equipment or redesigning your office or commercial space. Prairie Service Group designs and engineers customized installation at a competitive price. Let us Help You!
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